Death can show up at your doorstep any minute. We at Beyond Today help you be prepared. Prove to your friends and family that you love them more than ever with our unique products and solutions - for today, tomorrow and beyond.
Beyond Today. One Endless Happy Future Awaits.

The T-Box consists of a state of the art digital camera and a microcomputer. Each day a picture is taken and uploaded to your Twitter or Instagram account. This way your friends and relatives can keep in touch and will still receive daily updates from you.
Our engineers put a lot of effort into making the installation as durable as possible. In fact, we will guarantee that it will outlive everyone you know — or money back.

Even when you are gone, your newsfeed is on.™ For pricing or other questions please use our inquiry form

The F-Chip is a revolutionary new monitoring device implanted directly in the femoral artery. It can store a personalized message of up to 3000 characters and keeps track of your heart rate. In case of an accident the stored message is posted to your facebook wall where you can say your goodbye personally and in dignity instead of having it delivered by whoever found you.
This is possible only because our patented vessel generator ensures the chip never runs out of power - for as long as you are.
For pricing or other questions please use our inquiry form

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